7 TV Shows for Today’s Well-Balanced Man

Action, drama, comedy — three elements that show up in today’s TV programming like nothing else in the world. However, does that mean that there’s necessarily a strong list of TV shows for today’s well balanced man? Well, the jury is still out on that one.

When you’re trying to show a new girlfriend that you can do more than watch sports all day, you need to be able to dig in deep and look at other shows that might even catch her interest as well. With so many choices on TV though, it can be pretty hard to demonstrate that you can do more than cheer for your favorite team.

That’s where we come in — we came up with a list of great TV shows for the well balanced man. Impress girlfriends, surprise your mother, and even wow friends with your new found TV habits. You’ll be glad you checked this list out, trust us :)

1. Storage Wars


If you love watching people compete against each other for money in a big way, you have to sit down and watch Storage Wars. Even though it’s not an official competition, you really do get the feeling that everyone is trying to outdo each other as they scour the country’s storage locker auctions for treasures. Some of the secret hauls and finds are pretty impressive, and the return on investment can be quite high. The show can get repetitive and you might get tired of the constant battling back and forth, but overall this is definitely one worth checking out. Women also like the show because they generally like the idea of holding on to stuff like anyone else — who knew?

2. American Pickers


It’s said that one man’s junk is one man’s treasure, and this is definitely true if you sit down to watch American Pickers. It’s on the History channel, which has been putting out a lot of really great shows lately — Ice Road Truckers, anyone? American Pickers is similar to Storage Wars, except that AP pursues “junk” everywhere, not just in storage places. There’s also a lot more human interaction as the “pickers” try to look at the story behind the “junk”, not just how much it will fetch on the open market.

3. My Strange Addiction


TLC has been putting out a lot of good documentaries, which give you a good dose of reality without going over the top. My Strange Addiction is a new one, but it’s something that will definitely delight you if you’re into weird things. On this show, people secretly admit that they are addicted to eating strange things, like toilet paper and soap flakes. Some people even admit to going around in a fur costume. This is a new series but it’s definitely one that’s bound to get more popular with time.

4. 1000 Ways to Die


If you and your friends have a bit of an interest in the absolutely crazy, weird, and funny, you can’t skip over 1000 Ways to Die. It’s absolutely ridiculous because it covers some of the weirdest deaths around. It’s not for the squeamish, but if you laugh at this sort of thing then you need to make sure that you add it to your list.

5. House


If you love sarcasm, then you will immediately embrace Hugh Laurie’s portrayal of Dr. Gregory House, a brilliant yet sarcastic doctor that is addicted to painkillers — and taking care of his top notch medical team, of course. You get a different perspective on hospital life that’s a bit more tongue in cheek, while also very serious. There are numerous life or death cases handled in the world of House that will keep you on the edge of your seat — until Dr. House cures them, of course.

6. Grey’s Anatomy


Grey’s Anatomy gets a lot of flack for being a “chick drama”, but this is a medical drama that tries to appeal to both men and women alike. It’s one thing if you aren’t into the real time drama of a hospital, but if you’ve always wanted to see how the hospital environment really affects people, Grey’s Anatomy is definitely one of the best ways to go about that.

7. Law & Order


If you groaned when you saw Law & Order, you’re probably in good company. However, it’s a great program with a really long history. If you like plain Law & Order, it’s usually on too. On the other hand, if you really want gritty drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a really great addition here. Everyone likes law and crime dramas, so you can spend the evening watching TV with your girlfriend and it’s highly unlikely to turn into a fight. You also won’t have to suffer through Toddlers & Tiaras or Teen Mom, either.